A Musical Journey through India 1963-1964

by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy

This publication, which features tribal, folk, devotional, and classical musics of 8 Indian states, consists of 3 cassettes based on ten twenty-minute talks by Dr. Jairazbhoy broadcast on the BBC in 1969. The cassettes contain narration and musical examples and the accompanying booklet presents the spoken text, additional musical information, a map, 41 photographs of musicians and instruments, and two indexes. Tape 3 Side 2 offers supplementary musical examples not heard in the talks themselves.


A UCLA Ethnomusicology publication.

Three 60-minute audio casettes + 63 page booklet.


Field Diary & Other Written Materials

SBN 0-8827-023-8 ©1988 Price $35 + S&H

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