Southeast Asia / Video


From Angkor to America:

The Cambodian Dance and Music Project of Van Nuys, California, 1984-1990

by Amy Catlin


This narrated history of a community-based arts project is told in the first person by a teenaged Cambodian girl, Pinthang Ouk. The video frames the present by explaining the historical antecedents and religious basis for classical Cambodian dance and music, using live video footage and archival photographs. Twelve dances are shown in traditional and innovative settings, for which ten songs are given in the companion Songbook. Classes show teaching methods for students ages 11 months to 20 years.



"...this video, ion conjunction with the Khmer Classical Dance Songbook, provides a broad and human introduction to this music culture. The ongoing project...serves as a model for other traditional cultures faced with rapid transition. " -Ethnomusicology (Fall 1995)

ISBN 1-880519-10-0 © 1991 1/2" VHS PRICE $50 + S&H

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