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Minority Dances, Songs and Instrumental Music of Yunnan

A Video Survey by Li Wei and Zhang Xingrong, Yunnan Arts Institute. Booklets and Translations by Helen Rees

A two-part survey of dances, songs, and instrumental music performed by minorities of Yunnan Province, beautifully recorded by Li Wei and Zhang Xingrong of the Yunnan Art Institute, 1984 to 1999.

English translations of Chinese subtitles identifying items, and song texts in the accompanying booklets, are by UCLA Ethnomusicology Professor Helen Rees.

60 minutes per volume.

Two-hour video with Chinese subtitles, English translations, and booklets


Ethnic groups:
Yi, Dai, Wa, Jinuo, Zhuang, Naxi, Lahu,
Miao, Lisu, Bai, Yao

Highlights include:
Song and dance with instruments
Tobacco box dance (Yi)
Wooden drum dance (Wa)
Mouth organ dances
Pu Yi, Naxi, Lahu, Miao
Dances with plucked strings
Rare footage of dongba ritual dancing (Naxi)
New Year’s Dance (Lisu)
Ethnic festivals
Torch Festival (Yi)
Third Month Fair (Bai)
Caihua Mountain Festival (Miao)
Panwang Festival (Yao)
Water-Splashing Festival (Dai)



Ethnic groups:
Hani, Lisu, Bai, Naxi, Yi, Wa, Bulang, Dai, Shui, Miao, Yao, Mang, Kemu, Jinuo, Tibetan, and Han

Highlights include:
Recently discovered 8-voice polyphony (Hani)
Polyphonic singing (Lisu, Naxi, Shui)
Vocal music of Bai, Lisu, Yi, Wa, Bulang, Dai,
Miao, and Yao, some with dancing
pipe, Jew’s harp, mouth organ, 2-player trumpet, keyed metallophone (gender-type),
shaken bamboo tube sets (angklung-type)
Rare footage of little-known Kemu people,
singing a drinking song to celebrate a new house
Religious music
Dongjing music (Bai, Naxi, and Han)
Tibetan Buddist ritual music
Dai Buddhist music

Volume 1: ISBN 1-880519-23-2 1/2” VHS and booklet PRICE $50 + S&H
Volume 2: ISBN 1-880519-24-0 1/2” VHS and booklet PRICE $50 + S&H