Textiles as Texts: Arts of Hmong Women from Laos

Book by Amy Catlin and Dixie Swift


Ten oral histories and three essays: "Buffalo Heads and Sacred Threads: Hmong Culture of Southeast Asian Highlands" by anthropologist Eric Crystal; "Pa Yang: A Personal Treasure" concerning textile arts by folklorist Amy E. Skillman; "Songs of Hmong Women: Virgins, Orphans, Widows and Bards" by ethnomusicologist Amy Catlin.

Soft cover, 32 pages, 44 photographs, 5 song translations.

Photocopy available only.


"This slim volume contains more information than most lengthy texts. Amy Catlin's chapter on songs of Hmong women adds another gem to her string of ethnomusicological articles on Indochinese peoples." -The Journal of Asian Studies 48:4 (Nov.'89)


  ISBN 1-880519-008-9 © 1987 Price $5 + S &H


Virgins, Orphans, Widows, and Bards: Songs of Hmong Women

Audio Cassette recorded by Amy Catlin


A 60-minute audio cassette recorded in Thailand and the United States, illustrating the article "Songs of Hmong Women" found in the booklet featured above. Included are an Orphan's Song, Daughter-In-Law's Song, Love Song, Widow's Song, Song of Homesickness, and Schooling Song.

Additional textual and musical transcriptions of these items are published in Selected Reports in Ethnomusicology, UCLA, Volumes 5 & 9.


"In the growing field of ethnic American music studies, gender has been slighted as an important variable. The great value of the cassette under review is that it ties directly into this topic..." -Ethnomusicology (Spring/Summer 1988).

"Dr. Catlin deserves our commendation for helping reveal this very human side of the Hmong." -Asian Music 19:2 (1988)


  ISBN 1-880519-006-2 © 1987 Price $10 + S&H

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