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Khmer Classical Dance Songbook

by Amy Catlin, with Sam-Ang Sam and Chan Moly Sam


  • This bilingual songbook contains texts for eleven songs in Khmer, Romanization, and English translation, with staff and cipher notations.
  • A 14-page Introduction explains the historical and musical contexts as well as elements of performance practice.
  • Each word of every song is defined in the 15-page Glossary and Concordance.
  • Black-and-white illustrations
  • laminated gold art cover
  • bilingual preface
  • spiral binding designed to lie flat
  • 140-page volume
  • Accompanies the videotape From Angkor to America: The Cambodian Dance and Music Project of Van Nuys, California, 1984-1990




"...this video, in conjunction with the Khmer Classical Dance Songbook, provides a broad and human introduction to this music culture. The ongoing project...serves as a model for other traditional cultures faced with rapid transition. " -Ethnomusicology (Fall 1995)


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ISBN 1-880519-11-9 © 1992 Price $25 + S&H

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