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Musical Instruments of KACCH and its Neighbors

A narrated discovery of a musical and cultural continuum posited along the India-Pakistan border. 

Organological descriptions are illustrated for various instruments including double fipple flutes (some with simultaneous vocal drones), Jew’s harps (with simultaneous vocal melody), the snakecharmer’s double clarinet, and various quadruple-reed shawms.  Footed drums and coconut rattles of African origin are shown among Pakastani and Kacchi communities descended from East African slaves.

This video includes Mir, Klanga, Chamar, Manganihar, Dholi, and African-Indian Sidi musicians playing musical instruments unique to the region, as well as others found throughout South Asia.










ISBN 1-880519-19-4© 1999 VHS Price $85 + S&H

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