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Ustad Yunus Husain Khan


This 38-minute videotape by Arundhati Neuman actually covers three stories: the social structure of Indian music, the features of a particular musical stylistic school known as the Agra gharana, and the major representative of this style, the late master, Ustad Yunus Husain Khan. Combining live performance footage with interviews, musical excerpts, photographs and other illustrations, this documentary offers glimpses into the environment that inspired these musicians. Thus we are taken to the craft ateliers in Agra where the descendents of the builders of the Taj Mahal continue their tradition, and to the ancestral home of the Agra gharana where the legendary stalwarts learned their music. Finally we go to the streets and homes of the walled city of New Delhi where Ustad Yunus Khan lived most of his life.

ISBN 1-880519-16-X © 1994 VHS PRICE $70 + S&H

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