The Rags of North Indian Music: Their Structure and Evolution

by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy

This book (and CD) explore important features of Indian classical modes: the structure of melody, the effect of the drone, ornamentation and intonation, the function of accidentals and the perception of symmetries. MORE

SIDI SUFIS: African-Indian Mystics of Gujarat (CD)

These unique field recordings by UCLA ethnomusicologists Amy and Nazir Jairazbhoy were made in collaboration with Abdul Hamid Sidi and the Sidi community during their survey of Sidi shrines in Gujarat in 1999-2002. MORE

A Musical Journey through India 1963-1964

by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy

This publication, which features tribal, folk, devotional, and classical musics of 8 Indian states, consists of 3 cassettes based on ten twenty-minute talks by Dr. Jairazbhoy broadcast on the BBC in 1969.

The cassettes contain narration and musical examples and the accompanying booklet presents the spoken text, additional musical information, a map, 41 photographs of musicians and instruments, and two indexes. Tape 3 Side 2 offers supplementary musical examples not heard in the talks themselves. MORE

Voleti and Friends: Vijayawada 1963

Voleti Venkateswarlu’s mellifluous, resonant bass voice and modest demeanor made him a connoisseur’s favorite among the great singers of Karnatak classical devotional music. MORE

Ethno-musique concrète!

The Conch Shell Suite

by Nazir Ali Jairazbhoy


Inspired by Antarjyami Muni’s virtuosic twin conch performance, this piece is a stunning voyage through uniquely beautiful acoustical shapes. MORE


Apsara: The Feminine in Cambodian Art

Audio Cassette recorded by Amy Catlin

A 90-minute audio cassette illustrating the article "Apsaras and Other Goddesses in Khmer Music, Dance and Ritual" found in the book Apsara: The Feminine in Cambodian Art. MORE

Virgins, Orphans, Widows, and Bards: Songs of Hmong Women

Audio Cassette recorded by Amy Catlin

A 60-minute audio cassette recorded in Thailand and the United States, illustrating "Songs of Hmong Women" above. Included are an Orphan's Song, Daughter-In-Law's Song, Love Song, Widow's Song, Song of Homesickness, and Schooling Song. MORE